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It's a good job Juggling Act is a freebie, because from the promo pics alone I would never have bought it. Out of six images, not one shows the clothing from a remotely normal angle. Nor do we see it broken down into individual items - I had to go to the text just to work out what items it broke down into.

I fully appreciate the need for artistic renders to show the item in use, I even understand why artistically shots of this outfit at odd angles make sense, but I simultaneously need to be able to see how individual items are structured to know if they will do what I want.

This is far from solely an issue with this item, we regularly see items where, for instance, shoes are included, but no promo shows the feet of the character, or hair were there are a dozen promo views, all just off front-centreline - I don't know about other people, but when I'm thinking of buying hair I'd really quite like to see the back and sides too!

Selling an item needs the haute cuisine of the artistic render, but it also needs the meat and two veg of shots that lay out front and back in orthogonal or near orthogonal projection, and that's not the most difficult shot in the world to set up. Is it really too much to ask for?


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    Ye. Normally Daz are quite strict on submitting good Promos that show the product off.

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