Daz3d Installation Woes - please assist me...

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I have downloaded DAZ3d with the aim of developing characters for a tory I am writing but am having woes.

I downloaded all the packages and purchased several others and installed DAZ3d 4.5 standard onto my laptop windows7

Things went fine at first with the basic package and then added the genesis starter and basic packs you download for free.

THEN things started to go wrong.
Whenever I went to the Genesis pieces in the left window they would be empty boxes with a yellow triangle to indicate they had not loaded correctly.
SO I redownloaded the lot again and installed again - more bits went missing.

I uninstalled the lot and reintalled again and nothing works now.

I have also had problems installing add ons with the default path pecified espescially the complete kids package which simply will not work at all.... and Hair for Kids wants to simply intall to c:

I am sincerely hoping I have not wasted 100 pounds of my ready cash and it is only the fact I have seen others produce material using DAZ that keeps me going. I have submitted three technical support request tickets to the people at DAZ but no response in 2 days - Do they care I wonder.

It seems to be that the fault lay in installation packages which appear to fudge up the path it stores files to.

However, do I need to redownload the lot again? and how on earth can I recover my position on the laptop. It is Windows7 but I might try and install onto XP pro and see if I get success.

Oh yes and although the hair for dwayne appears in the left window, it simply will not load onto genesis....

WHAT really bugs me is the lack of supporting documentation advising you where to install the packages. I have bought Ceil for Genesis, Kids4 complete, Hair... and a few others.

Please help folks, otherwise I will have to go down the refund route and never come back to what looked such a promising product.


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    The main application should be installed to Program Files if you wnat the 64 bit version, or Program Files (x86) if the 32 bit version.

    All of the content is installed to C:\Users\<<em>Your Username>\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library by default. ALL user content should be installed there, and the path given to the installer should end with 'My Library'

    The Genesis essentilas package should be installed to the same location.

    Older figures prior to Genesis were in Poser Format, including K4, and you will find icons for loading them in the Content Library > Poser Formats > My Library > Figures. No need to re-download, just install to the location as detailed above. For oler installers, they may want to install to a folder called 'Content', do not allow this, change it to the path given above.

    See if that helps any?

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    I should also point out that after you install DS4, you should enter the serial number for the Pro version which should be in your My Account area under Available Serail Numbers. That will unlock all of the Pro plugins like Autofit etc. Just install the main application, and the Genesis Essentials first, enter the Pro serial number, and see how that goes.

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