bvh- import -> legs walk strange

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I tried to import an animation from IClone to DAZ.

I got an DAZ character brought him to IClone, animated him there and tried to bring him back to DAZ. There was a video tutorial, that worked fine for me (

FBX: that smashed the rigging, so I didn't try this anymore.
1. I positioned the figure in the direction he should walk.
2. I imported the bvh ( walking on a spot, the hip selected as root) In 3dxchange pipeline he walks perfectly.
In the options I selected 'adjust scene to match the file' , nothing else.
3. After importing the bvh, the hip and the upper body wants to walk in the correct direktion, but the legs try to walk in a direction, that is round about 90 ° turned around .

in another try the figure seems to loose the bones and his coordinates. (see pictures)
So importing the same bvh brings up a lot of diffrent 'errors'...

Where's the mistake?
Thanks a lot

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