Evan Hair Promo - What Model is this?

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I was looking at the promo images and was wondering if anyone could tell me what model this is from one of the promo shots?


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    i'm trying to find out the male character used in the promos for this product

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    Heyas :')

    The female model is Genesis wearing Naiad skin, and morphs are mainly Victoria5 with morphs added as shown below. The pink sliders are Xena's Wicked Fairytale Morphs, and the green Brow Height slider at the bottom is from GhostofMacbeth's GOM Genesis Male Morphs. The rest are DAZ basic or evo morphs, I think.

    The black male model is also Genesis but I will have to load up and check (can't right now, DS is busy rendering)... I was going for a Tyson Beckford look ;')

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    Ok, Evan promo guy is Michael 5 with sliders customised below... wearing M4 Elite Rob skin I modified to remove some stubble and forehead wrinkles and added chest hair lol. The pink slider is from Xena’s Wicked Fairytale Morphs and the B9Handsome is from Blondie's Handsome Head Morphs for Genesis. :')

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