A Quick Animation Question or 2

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Some of your Animation FAQ links in the Animation sticky are gone(missing pages) so I'll ask a couple questions here now.

I recently went to load an animation that came as a bonus with a product at Renderosity, and the info says you need to have the character's pose at Frame 1 on the Animation Timeline, but b4 that have the animation loaded first.

Well, I have her posed exactly like I want her already when I load the DAZ Scene file, and I'm thinking the only thing that should be moving is her butt bouncing, which is what the animation is for.

Anyway, the Timeline cursor is set at the very beginning, but when I double-click the animation, her body is immediately tilted about 45 degrees to the right. And that's after I had already posed her standing up straight. But after clicking that butt bounce animation button, it tilts her sideways. Before that though I get a message prompt saying:

"Do you want to add frames to the current animation in order to import the entire pose?" I clicked Yes and then it tilted her sideways. Actually, I tried No the next time and got the same result.

I also tried running the animation with her in a horizontal laying down position. Hitting the animation button for that immediately tilted her up 90 degrees in the laying down pose. That doesn't make any sense. Once again, I had the cursor or frame advance positioned at the very beginning of the Timeline. It makes no sense to reorient her entire body when the only movement should be her butt bouncing up & down.

So how do you keep her body positioned correctly when all you want is just one part of her body moving? If I had an arm waving animation for example, would her entire body still tilt 45-90 degrees? That wouldn't make any sense.

BTW, this is all in DS4 Pro.

I should add that the butt or glute shaping morphs in this product are great! My only problems as an animation newb are with that 65 frame animation.

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