How do I work with Victoria 4 and her clothing?

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I purchased Victoria 4.2 Base, and have Daz3d and the content manager installed.

How do I load Victoria into the scene?

From the 'Victoria4README.htm' file:

1. Load Victoria 4 into the scene.
2. With the intended target Victoria 4 figure selected*, load an item of conforming clothing, and conform/fit it**.
etc etc...

I'm used to working with 3DS Max in windows XP, where double clicking on a model will open up 3DS.

How am I supposed to open these models?
Further, why does the product lack documentation on this matter?

Also- from the same 'Victoria4README.htm' file:

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

"DAZ People"
*I assume they mean \Daz\People\ but in this case, this folder is EMPTY.


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    Its easiest for people to help if you can post a screenshot of what you're looking at.

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    First, if you did not change the default install path for the V4 installer it's not installed into the DS4 content library. The same goes for most of the older content installers. The older content installers point to the old DS3 content folder. All of this is posted in the About DS4 info which should be read before using the program. The Daz Studio Program has went through some major changes in the last year or so and the DAZ folks have done their best to keep the users informed. New Users to the program rarely follow all the provided links and often fall into this I did not know that when they install the software and content. It is easy to fix, and only takes a few steps.

    All DS installers will point to one of two places, Content or My Library. Due to the changes in DS4 we must point the older installers to the new My Library folder our self. The installers are being updated but it will take some time for that to be done. Also Daz is moving to all ZIP files that will be much easier to install. Back to installing, On a MS OS like XP or Win7 the new content folder will be this path.
    C:/Users/"User NAME"/Documents/DAZ3D/Studio/My Library all content needs to be pointed to this path now.

    Once you have installed your content into the proper folder most New Users say they still can not find the content in the SMART CONTENT Tab. As I mentioned before DS has changed, all the old content works and can be used just not from the Smart Content Tab. The Smart Content Tab will only show Items that have the NEW Metadata file with them. That file is what makes the Smart content work properly. Most older content will not have a Metadata file so it will not show in Smart Content.

    To Find these older un-smart files you will need to open a new window (tab) in DS. Under Window > Tabs pick Content Library. Once it Opens place it where you like in your interface. Open the Content Library Tab and look under the Daz Studio Formats > My Library and the Poser Formats > My Library folders to find all the files for you content.

    I would take some time as a new user to learn about the different file types. I hope this has been some help.

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    Thanks for the replies :)

    Genesis shows up in the Content Library, but Victoria 4.2 does not.

    As for installing in the wrong directory, I used the default paths of whatever was provided in the install files.

    I also tried loading Victoria on my macbook pro, but with no luck.

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    I did say the V4 installer points to the WRONG path. When the installer is run you MUST point it to the My Library folder.
    I also said it will not be in SMART CONTENT. It will only be found in the CONTENT LIBRARY TAB.

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    Jaderail said:
    I did say the V4 installer points to the WRONG path. When the installer is run you MUST point it to the My Library folder.
    I also said it will not be in SMART CONTENT. It will only be found in the CONTENT LIBRARY TAB.

    Yes, and I thank you for that post.

    Uninstalling and reinstalling everything as I am typing this.]

    Edit: You already knew this post was coming, but your method works.

    The idea of using a base model and morphing it to look different is something I will need to get used to.

    That is assuming the technique Daz uses is morphing rather than using model files like in 3DS Max.

    I was pulling my hair out trying to find out what type of file extension Daz uses and was only able to come up with a .DUF file, as double clicking genesis.duf directly opened up the Daz editor.

    Well, thanks for the help but I do have one more question- is there a specific forum where artists offer their services for a fee?

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    glad I wasn't the only one who needed clarification on where the stuff is installed. Question for ddziabczenko: Do you own 3d studio or only use it in the workplace? I hear it's far superior to anything DAZ can provide, that said: Why would you be interested in DAZ products? I've dreamed of owning that program for quite some time but it's waaay out of my price range!

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