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I bought stonemasons winter castle ruins yesterday,installed the three PC files in studio3,and it's nowhere to be found,it doesn't appear in Props-stonemason like the documantation says it should,running the Import brings up some sort of DAZ scene file that does nothing when I click on it...oh it'll open up in DAZ 4 which I can't understand what you people have done with the interface,I use daz 3 only,it atleast I understand....

could someone help me here I love stonemasons stuff.


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    I am not sure what you mean by 'running the import'?

    There is a .DAZ scene file which loads the complete scene, do you have that? It should work in DS3 without any problems. The installer will have put items into the 'data' folder so that the scene can load. What happens when you double click on the .DAZ scene in the Content Library tab?

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    Something is not right. I have it in DS3A and it loads and is found properly.

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    what I mean is that some times I can't find things in the content and use the import function to get them to load,I've had a lot of trouble with things made specifically for daz studio,it took forever to get the blood shaders to work,and even then I had to use a work-around that Richard H gave me.

    yes I have the daz scene file...daz 3d 13049 winter kingdom castle ruins.dsx and other ones

    it doesn't come up in the content library tab,it doesn't show up at all?

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    That's not the DAZ scene file, that's the metadata file. The .daz files are in your content folder in the DAZ Studio files (the folder icon with the S on it) in \Props\Stonemason\WinterKingdom

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