How do you put wet maps over any texture?

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So when I load a texture for V4 whether it is high quality or whatever, I want to have a wet texture over it. I pretty much have all the wet maps you can get for V4 but thing is I can only get the wet effect to work on the wet skin texture given by the wet skin package. If I want to load a texture onto V4 THEN keep that texture and add wetness to it it will not let me do it. Can anyone guide me here please? thx.

This is with Daz 3 by the way. thx


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    Unless they're universal wet maps you may be stuck with the same texture. The v4 one is not only bump n spec but is also diffuse. If u want it with a different diffuse map add the spec and bump only. Try to keep to the texture parameters the same as on the full character v4 wet.

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    Can you overlay the wet maps on top of the skin texture maps in something like Photoshop, GIMP etc first. Then load them in to the Difuse colour channel still using the Wet maps in the specular and reflection channels.

    I don't have any wet maps so I don't know what they look like but I have an idea on what they might look like so the above may work depending if the layering lines up with the wet maps in the other channels.

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