What would happen when I will update to 4.5??????

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I am still working with Daz Studio Pro. But now comes some products out, that only will work with 4.5. But I am worry about what will happen to my running projects if I update....
I have some charakter which uses GenX in. What will happen to them? Will I can still use them? Will I be able to open the files I made with 4.0?

I know that GenX is not updated yet but will I can use the morphs I transfered in 4.0?

And this double content ids thing? Is it still there? It this script they are talking about solve it? It is easy to use?
And if I am not satisfied with 4.5 ? Can I turn back to 4.0 easily with a system restore point?

Sorry for this, but the big big thread about 4.5 is confusing me (english is not my first language)....


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    I updated to 4.5. All my GenX morphs and character presets still work from previous versions. The only thing that does not work is the GenX plugin itself. That is still to be updated. All GenXmorphs are saved in the Genesis Morphs Folder. That does not get affected with the upgrade. What you had on Genesis before is what you will have on Genesis now:)

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    ...when it is finally updated, will you just need to reset and DL Gen X to get the working version?

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    D3D started a thread on the forums here about the update, I'm sure he will post again when it is done. Resetting the download should get you the latest version.

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    Thank you very much. I think I will try the update "soon"... ;o)

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    I noticed an old outfit I used on K4 in DS 3 didn't work on THAT K4 in DS but does again in DS4.5

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