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I have just downloaded the 4.5 version of Daz Studio last week and I also have a copy of Poser 9 purchased when it was extremely cheap recently.

From what I have read, because I have Win 7 I believe I have to install these outside of the normal proramme directory and wonder whether I will need a separate content directory for each programme, or will one do for both, with each finding their own content from the installation path?

I have also downloaded several Freebies for both programmes from ShareCG ; Renderosity etc.and saved the zips in folders named for the type of content, but I have altered the name of the zip file so I will know what it is. I have read recently that file names should not be changed [OOPS!] however none of these zips have been opened so nothing has changed inside the file and I am assuming the file path will still be correct.
Please assure me this is so......if this isn't so then I will have to come back later for some advice on what to do to correct the name,so I can access the content.


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    Well I'll answer the easy question.

    No, it doesn't matter what the zips are called.

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    DS4.5Pro will make a Content Folder in the My Documents folder when installed with default settings. The name of the folder will be My Library. It will not be the top folder, the full path will be C:/Users/"User Name"/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library. This new My Library folder is the Folder you will want to install all DS files into. If the Installer points to a different folder just browse to that folder and set it as the install path.

    That folder, My Library, will have a Runtime Folder in it. That is a standard Poser Runtime Folder. All Poser files can be installed into the Runtime Folder and they will work in both DS and Poser. You will need to tell Poser to load content from that folder in the Poser Prefs.

    In Short Both programs CAN use the One content folder without problems.

    I hope this helps.

    P.S. This was written from a Win XP or Win7 point, if your OS is different this does not apply.

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    OK - I'm on the right path then. I just needed to confirm that

    Almost similar to installing PSP X4 content

    and I'm really relieved about those file names

    Thank you both for your input;

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