Problem with Stonemason sale

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I get the email for the Stonemason PA sale. Click on the link, get the little green man saying the site is down for maintenance. Go to Daz site through bookmark. Site is up. Store is up. Click on Shop by Vendor. Click on Stonemason. Get the little green man again. Type Stonemason in search box. Get Stonemason's items. Click on other Vendors' links in Shop by Vendor they work. Maybe it"s just me, or maybe you have a couple of links that need fixing. Thank you.


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    I'm getting Site Down in some links Also. Even just thread links some times. They could be working with the site live and some links just hit things that are updating or something.

  • nobody1954nobody1954 Posts: 734
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    Thanks, but I still get it in the email link. This could affect sales if it is widespread.

  • GeddGedd Posts: 2,764
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    I was getting that, then after the 'site down' went away, so did my PC club status even though it shows as active.

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    Could be caching problems, try clearing the cache. I noticed after the site went down that I needed to refresh to get rid of the little greean alien on several of my active tabs. The PC status thingy, you will need to contact Customer service, via Zendesk and sales dept.

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    Thank you for the suggestion chohole, Unfortunately it didn't fix it.

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