Phantom item in shopping cart

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I'd added an item to "My Cart" before logging in. Afterwards, the cart was listed as being empty. So, I tried adding the item to my cart again, only it wouldn't let me! It kept giving me a message about the maximum allowed for the item was 1, but the cart was still listed as empty. Even after logging off, the cart was still empty. This time, it allowed me to add it to the cart and it showed up as well, but cart page had a message about the quantity being wrong. Sure enough, the quantity was listed as "2", the one I just added, and the phantom one from the first time. I was able to correct it and check out, but it's definitely a glitch that needs to be fixed.


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    The absolutely exact same thing happened to me! I've had it happen before but it's very infrequent; sometimes there seems to be a bit of a delay with stuff showing up in the cart. It was right when the day 5 sales were appearing so maybe there were some glitchy things when the store was being updated. As long as I get my product, I can live with it. Intermittent problems are probably hard to troubleshoot (if my mechanical experience is any example) and I'm sure they have other fires to put out. All in good time . . .

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    This is something that happens a lot if you add stuff to the cart when you are not logged into the store. It is one of those things that DAZ 3D is aware of, so it will get fixed.......sometime in the future. ( I am not using that other word and jinxing it :coolsmirk:)

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