Need help making sense of Daz 3D, Hexagon and all the different Victorias...

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Although I've been using Daz 3D for months, I've only been using it for my traditional art. (Genesis is the perfect tool for Anatomy reference). Now I need to actually make 3D models, and I've found it all a bit confusing...

If I buy V4/M4 content , will it be compatible with the V5 and M5 models or even the Genesis base? Or will I need to buy both the 4th and 5th version models?

I was also wondering how to make content? I've downloaded Hexagon 2.5 and watched a few tutorials on making clothing, but I don't know what I would need to do so it'll be compaible with Genesis and how I would make the clothes would bend with the figure.

Does anyone know of some tutorials that will help me with this?


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    I can answer part 1. Yes clothing content for V4 M4 can be used on V5 M5 and Genesis. The Autofit tool will do that for most items very well. Shoes are a known problem with Autofit. But work around's can be found in the Forums. As for Part two I'm sure users that do that type of work will answer you with help in time. I do not create content so I'm not up on that subject.

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    V5/M5 is genesis ;)

    The tools you will need are already in studio 4 pro; to turn you mesh from Hex in to usable items.. Any tutorials for it would be new and I have no links, sorry.

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    Thanks guys... Pay days in 24 hours and you just saved me some money!

    EDIT: Found the Content Creator Tool Kit and Genesis Genesis Basic Clothing Rig Kit so.... getting there.

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    Oh man... I've been avoiding Genesis thinking that I'd have to go back and re-buy or have half the content I had with V4/M4. Didn't know they'd work well with Genesis. Glad I stumbled onto this thread!

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