How to export animation?

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I have a scene setup in daz 3d, with camera moves and 2 Genesis characters animated with aniblocks.
Rendering with 3Delight just isn't good enough for what I want to do, but I am not a professional 3D person.

Is there a way to export The Objects, Camera Moves and Animations to another format, Like 3D Max, Blender or any
program which can access Octane or Mental Ray Natively to render the animation? I could then give the files to a pro who could do the animation rendering for me.

I looked at the Daz2Octane Plugin, but doing batch files to export each frame is too hard for me.
I also tried SLG which comes with reality, but it is too crippled and limited. (no translucency, FOV issues, etc.)



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    Unfortunately the license would not allow you to give the content to another for rendering. If they have their own copy of DS4.5, and you save as a .duf file, then they could open the file on their machine and use FBX to transfer it to another application for rendering.

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    I only used the included Genesis figures and stuff. Everything else I modeled myself with AOI (Yes, I am a beginner at this) or added tattoo layers. Since Daz is free, they can download their own copy, no problem.

    Does .FBX contains the animations as well? My problem is that, since I didn't know any better, I animated everything one frame at a time using a video I shot as a reference. There is no way I want to redo all of this primitive manual mo-cap!

    So, I need to be able to transfer the characters and their animations to a program with better rendering capabilities.
    Like I said, I bought Reality for this, but Luxrender is too slow, and SLG is not ready for primetime yet.

    What's the easiest way to get it done?

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    I think FBX will include animation. One other option, sicne you want only to render, would be to use .mdd - that's originally, I think, a Lightwave format but it seems to be fairly widely supported. The main drawback of .mdd is that it's very simple-minded, just a sequence of positions of vertices, but for this purpose that wouldn't matter (and avoids the worries over whether morphs or rigging export correctly).

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