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FINALLY!! I got it figured out and understood. I've been using Adobe Illustrastor and Photoshop for about 10 yrs, in those programs I can set up the background image for Backdrop. In Illustrator I can size up the image vertical, save it and take it into Photoshop to edit the picture. What I did was a scene of Venice Beach in California, but took out the sky and used the Dysotopia Skydome instead. Opened it as a diffuse image for Backdrop (this is where I understand the floor and vertical background are separate), with the East to west sun lighting, turned on. Kept Michael in scale and sized the backdrop to suit him, this where I learned NOT the other way around. And using the Aniblocks, had him walk along the road, turn and head towards the beach until he disappears into the backdrop, that's where I'll edit for a side view showing him heading to the ocean. Keeping Michael in exact scale does allow the walking cycle to render beautifully. Even turning the angle, because that's where I was messing up (so I thought) and it still worked. I am rendering the animation right now. And with the daylight setting in the Backdrop, Michael looks like he should if he were outside at Venice Beach.
Thought I would pass this along any case anyone else is having the trouble I was...

WOW, in the newest 4.5 Pro, the animation rendering went quicker than before....13 secs used to take almost 30 mins

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    For brevity's sake...



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    Wow! That was really cool. :)

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    Also I've learned, if you plan to render the animation scene in different angles, set everything up on ZERO in the Loading/Creating/Actor tabs, then in the Animation & Pose tab set your camera where it will be and LEAVE IT until the render animation is completed. If you decide to change the camera angle view do it on ZERO and leave it. If you change anywhere in the animation frames the camera will move during play back, sometimes it works out okay but it depends on how fast you moved the camera. Also I've learned about setting the pose in the Universal vs the Bones translation. THe Bones is more fluid and natural but sometimes you do need the Universal for the ever so slightly adjustements. In the Animate line there is the 'unnamed' blocks, those are really helpful (as I've learned) if you want the character to hold the pose for a few seconds, IF you set the poses manually. If you use the aniblocks or key poses in the Pose tab, it will over ride the blank blocks.

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    Here is the render scene of the beach as I mentioned above...

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