Material Issue: Exporting from Shade-importing to poser

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Hi,i found out recently the Shade 3d application and because i am using poser i wanted to give a try and play with it.Although it works fine in what i want to do with it,a serious issue came up.Here is what i am doing:

1)i have some figures bought and i open then in shade (as obj format)
2)i do the modifications that i want and i export it from shade as obj and i replace is in the poser data
3)i open poser and i select the figure that i want to from the poser library and i comfort it on a model
4)Now here comes the problem.Although everything works fine,i have problems with the materials.In the material tab i can see all the textures being ok(as they were before i modify the figure with the names of each part of the figure having their own texture) but still somehow the material that shows the render is plain white.what i noticed is that the Preview slot is first on the selection whereas in the original figure is last.I dont know if thats the problem

What i want is to do some modifications in shade(which i have achieved that) and use the material collections that they were included when i bought the figure.Any help will be appreciated :)


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    It sounds as if you have lost the UV mapping from the model - I don't have a recent version of Shade, and I can't recall how the old version worked, but check the options for anything relating to UVs. Also, some modellers will wipe the UV mapping if you add or remove vertices (hexagon for example), it's possible that Shade is one of those. If Shade has a UV view, try viewing the model in that.

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    i viewed the uvs,it was the first thing,everything was in place like the original textures of the prop.I did a research and i found a program that can do what i am looking for,its the UVmapper.But it works as long as you dont cut any vertices or edges.Now i have to fix the problem that in case you scale something it ruins the uvs

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