Morphs and IK

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I dunno, I'm not sure if this looks right or not. Maybe you guys can tell me what you think...

Seems like when you apply morphs to a figure that has some IK set up, some strange things happen. In this case the feet of a V4 get kinda mangled and stuff. Although like I say, I'm not sure.

Does this look right to you?

640 x 596 - 19K


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    Usually that happens to me if I've applied a pre-canned pose and I opt to turn off limits when the dialogue inevitably pops up. Bear in mind I'm using C7 Pro. so I don't know how later versions work.

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    Yeah, this was just a stock V4 out of the box, no morphs applied, and I rigged it with IK, animated it, then later on decided she should have some morphs, so I injected them. Each time I injected a different set of morphs she got more and more discombobulated.


    And then even before I injected morphs, I tried to apply some conforming hair, and her eyes popped out of their sockets, and her mouth jumped out in front of her face. I think they popped back after I rotated the scene and everything had a chance to solve. Which is why I hate not having realtime IK and stuff. This craziness of having to move your scene a bit for everything to solve and update is just, well, craziness.

    But in the image I posted, even giving everything a chance to solve didn't help. It was just broken forevermore.

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