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Right, let's get into this a little further! Dynamic clothing from Optitex has a number of attributes that allow you to control how the material reacts to gravity and wind. You can control the friction of each panel that the item is made up of. With these large number of parameters at your disposal you can even create a host of other garments from a pre-set one.

Here I show you a render of a girl in a fashonable shiny quilted fluid top.

You could search all of Optitex and Daz studio and you would never find it. Why? Because it is made from the simple "little black dress". It IS the original dynamic clothing little black dress, but with some major but simple modifications.

Here is the original black dress :

the original little black dress
"You mean, the pink top and the black dress are the same item of dynamic clothing?"

Yes, that's precisely what I'm saying.

As you can see you can create an almost infinite number of other wardrobe items from your existing dynamic clothing purchases. Of course, you need to know how to change them, and I'll show you now.

If you add a piece of dynamic clothing to your scene, you'll see the dynamic clothing tab visible in the workspace. In this tab you can change the properties of teh panels of cloth that go to make up the item. I find it easier to use the surfaces tab in fact, to select the panels, that then are selected in the dynamic clothing tab, then you can change te friction, weights, bend and sheer strengths. try making some small changes as you have to be careful here. Too great a change can make the calculations of the draping crash, and the clothing is splatted all over the place.

If this happens just click clear and reduce the values you set and try draping again. You'll quickly get the hang of how far you can go.

This is all good for the shape and fit of the dynamic clothing item, but what about the textures and colours?

OK, so here's the magic. Open the surfaces tab and take a look for the item you have in the scene. You can change the specular and glossy colours from the originals just by changing the diffuse and glossy colour overall.

You could make a white dress, blue for example. But if you locate the .jpg file that is the colour/texture of the item you can actually edit that file and completely change the character of the clothing item. Be sure to make a copy of teh original .jpg and change the copy, otherwise you'll mess up your original clothing!

In my example above, I changed the bump map, the diffuse and specular maps and the opacity. I gave the original black damask material a totally new look with the quilted bump map effect and the shiny glossy aspect. Note here that a smaller glossy value gives a higher gloss! 0% is totall gloss. Note also the "lighting model" attribute. Plastic is glossy and matt has no specular. Metal works well for a shimmery effect, coupled with a texture map for the glossiness can create iridescent sheens like this one :

My muse
Well, I hope that I have given you at least a glimpse into the possiblites that await your creativeness! You'll have tons of fun with this I'm sure, and who knows, you might create a stunning new fashion item right in Daz Studio!


dynamic clothing

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