Problem combining two NLA clips

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Hello all
I am trying to make an animation combining two NLA clips. I have used DAZ studio 3 to import the BVH files, then I have used animate 2 to make the corresponding aniblocks. For each aniblock I have used the aniblock importer to import them to carrara, and I have made the corresponding NLA clips.
Then I have tried to combine the two clips. I have superposed them a little (about half a second) using the following options for the second clip:
- Interpolation: smooth
- Offsets relative to previous clip
- Match previous clip: Previous clip end time / match translation x, y, z / match rotation x, y, z

But the final animation has a problem: when the two clips merge the figure performs a full rotation about the z axis, that should not do... after this rotation the final orientation is correct...

You can see the clip here:

Have I made something wrong? How can I get rid of this spin?
Also, there is sliding of the feet when the figure walks. Is there a way to correct it?
Thank you very much in advance



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    The rotation and foot slide are known issues with workaround iirc... I don't have links to where this was discussed unfortunately. Hopefully someone else reads this who does remember.

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    It was the Jonny2Bravo aniblocks tutorials on YouTube

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