Where is a good place to start?

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Hi, I am a ds4 user and also have poser pro 2012. I have grasped ds4, at least before ds4.5, and I have been trying to get my hands around poser pro 2012. I want to be able to use it due to the fact that I have lots of renderosity stuff that I have purchased that just does not work in daz. Is there a book out there that teaches poser? It seems so difficult to get started with it.


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    I cannot recommend any books since I have not read any (long time poser user, so no need)
    But you can start of here: http://poser.smithmicro.com/tutorials.html
    This will familiarize you with the interface and the UI

    The poser site has other tutorials as well. Also do a search on Poser tutorials and you well will find many of them

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    If you open the Poser folder, you can find a good and big reference manual, there's much to read, but you can find everything you need and much more.

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