My DAZ-rendered comic is FEATURED on DrunkDuck!

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I'm literally doing a happy dance, I'm so excited! Rune: A Tale of Wizards and Kings, the webcomic (and soon to be graphic novel) that I've been working on for almost three years, has been selected as a FEATURED comic on The Duck (formerly known as DrunkDuck)! Which means it's in the Featured Comics bar across their main page.

I just wanted to share my joy and thank everyone who makes all the AWESOME products that made this comic possible!!!

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  • Bluebird 3DBluebird 3D Posts: 995
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    That's fantastic! Congrats!

  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 4,133
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    That is great news! I like the look of your pages too, the pacing flows and the art style works well.

  • s l fs l f Posts: 147
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    Congratulations! :-) That's great news.

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 7,938
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    Big congratulations from me as well! :-)

  • RawArtRawArt Posts: 4,014
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    Made for a nice read this morning...thanx and congratulations.

  • GrazeGraze Posts: 393
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    It was a good read. Very well written. Great background stories presented for the characters's past histories. How often do you upload a new page?

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    Thank you all so much!

    The comic posts weekly, but I'll let you in on a little secret... OK, it's not so secret, but it's not something I'm promoting everywhere:

    I'm giving away FREE e-books of Rune! That's right, the story is complete. The "advance copies" that I'm giving away don't have all the final revisions nor the bonus material that will be in the printed books, but they are the complete story! You can also enter to win a printed copy (USA only) on Goodreads. Details:

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