Carrara Fur - V4/M4 "Yeti" Help

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Hello there folks
I thought it used the subject line to broadly describe what I am trying to create.
In D|S I have the V4/M4 creature creator sets and have used items such as Raw Katz etc. to create humanoid animals
In Carrara I figured I'd like to give them "real fur".
However herein lies a problem.
Unlike the tutorial out there which puts fur on the millennium cat, V4 and M4 have lots of material regions so you cannot work on the fur in one go.
Even worse when I tried putting fur on "SkinFace" and "SkinHead" I discovered the fur was coming out different sizes despite being set the same.
I thereofre decided to ask if someone has either done a freebie (or payware) file for a V4/M4 furry creature (like a yeti or planet of the apes monkey etc.) or has anyone managed to solve the problem of why the hair changes sizes in different zones.

Your help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


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    go into the vertex room
    select each shading domain you want under select by shading domain
    when you have them all
    go to the lower right window to the global tab and choose add shading domain
    click yes on the dialogue that comes up
    do not use a shader on this domain under surfaces unless you want to add an allover skin.
    you can now select this shader in the hair room when using the growth tool
    by holding shift you can use the paint tool to remove hair from palms and soles.

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    use hair groups for the different shaders. if you can find the freebies on my site there are some for the netherworks toon figures that use hair groups to control the multiple shader zones.

    sorry those freebies aren't on my site... Anyway, create a new hair group for each uv map. some controls are shared across all groups...

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