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maybe this issue has been discussed before but I searched quite a while in the forums and didn't find an answer. My problem is the following: I ' m playing aroung generating morphs in ZBrush and Hexagon. If I send the mesh back to DAZ Studio a morph slider is automatically generated and everything works fine. However, in many cases I'm not content with the result. Now my question: Is there any possibility to delete the imported morph and make the new morph slider go away so that I can start over again with a clean figure? There appears to be no function in DAZ Studio to delete an imported morph. Have I overlooked anything?

Thanks for the help!


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    Hi hjshere...

    First off, have you saved the morphs to Genesis ie: File>Save As>Support Asset>Morph Asset ?

    If not, then just select File>New to clear the scene and then load a new Genesis.

    If you have saved the morphs, then you need to delete them manually from the data folder to completely get rid of them

    My Library/data/DAZ 3D/Genesis/Base/Morphs/your folder

    You can just delete the entire folder if you don't want any of your saved morphs or open the folder and delete the DSF files for the specific morphs you no longer want.

    Just make sure that you are only deleting the morphs that you have made

    I would suggest though that you just relocate the folder or morphs somewhere else on your HD just in case you want to use them again.

    Hope this Helps... :)

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    Hi niccipb,

    thank you for your reply. I will try this out. I think this is not a perfect solution but a strategy which should work. But what I can do with morphs not imported into Genesis but into other figures like V4 or M4? Are these morphs also saved in a folder? Is there in fact no way to delete imported morphs in DAZ Studio before sving them?

    Thanks to anyone who can help.


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    yeah, I understand waht you think, now I feel genesis is one products which have so many moprhs for his shape.
    then if you make morph for genesis, and you save it, it must be saved under the genesis folda.

    (with aritsiname folda/products name folda/your morph files.dsf, when you save the morph,
    you should decide the names, those are the folda name)

    so niccipb said, if you want not to load the morph with genesis.
    you need to delete or remove manually from data folda,

    (I thought before, If I have some saved genesis sets (those of each has different morph sets
    it seems interesting)

    and if you want not save morph ,in data- folda, you just save and keep the morph as obj,
    and when you need it, just load the obj by morph loader pro (or advanced).
    there are not the morphs when you load new sceane or new genesis.duf

    though if you save duf sceane files, there are morphs you loaded everytime in the scene.
    (I can not confirm it,, I did not try it in ds 4.5, we can not keep morph without as save morph?
    aa,, I feel I can not,, I remember,, "can not find file erroer,",)

    now we have some options "not auto-followed" (like a poke away)
    "not visible" eg, but you can not inject them from ds 4.5 simply.
    so I think if genesis power loader would come as products,

    then if you frequently change the morphs as same as me,when you load obj to make morph,
    you can overwrite it by option (delta only)
    but I ofthe mistake morph product name, or artists name, so I made many morph controller
    before,, now I set every morph in one artists name(yeah,, I call me artist,,)
    and one products folda for genesis.
    (I hope it is good if we can use more folda for categorize morphs under the products folda)

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    hjshere said:
    Hi niccipb,

    thank you for your reply. I will try this out. I think this is not a perfect solution but a strategy which should work.

    You are very welcome...

    Well it may not be perfect, but with Genesis this is how to keep Genesis from reading the morphs. On load, DS reads all of the morphs that are listed in the Genesis morphs folder so that it knows what morphs are available. Removing them from inside DS does not remove them from the morphs folder. Granted, that ability would be nice, but I find I have more control of this directly in Windows Explorer.

    Is there in fact no way to delete imported morphs in DAZ Studio before sving them?

    As I said in my post above, yes you can, as long as you have not saved them previously using the Save Morph Assets.
    All you need to do is either create a new scene or you can have Genesis selected and in the Property Editor in the Grouping/Settings panel, select the morph you imported and Right-Click and select Remove Property. You will be warned that this cannot be undone but that's fine just accept.

    But what I can do with morphs not imported into Genesis but into other figures like V4 or M4? Are these morphs also saved in a folder?

    Morphs for Gen4 figures are handled in different ways. Morph channels are either used or added to the base CR2's for the morphs. Some morphs are contained in folders that are referenced by the CR2 or they may use EXP or even PMD.

    I'll be honest, I haven't worked with the Gen4 figures for morphs and such since Genesis was introduced, so I'm a bit fuzzy on all of the details involved with them.

    I still use Gen4 and make clothing for them, just not morphs anymore. It's best if someone who still actively creates morphs for them explain the in's and out's.

    I hope I was able to answer your questions, and just ask if you need more help... :)

    edit: forgot to add a line :shut:

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    Hi niccipb,

    you saved my day. The property editor is the solution. If I delete the imported morph in the property editor the morph slider goes away and, most importantly, the imported morph is removed from the figure. That is, if I have dialed in the morph and delete the morph in the property editor the figure shape is reset to its original unmorphed form and the morph slider goes away. This is different from Poser where you can remove the morph dial but the morph remains injected within the figure (this is at least what I observed in a quick test with Poser Pro 2012). Deleting an imported morph in the property editor works with both Genesis and V4 and therefore will probably work with all figures. As a caution I want to mention that sometimes an imported morph is not visible in the property editor. If you cannot find the morph close the propery editor, select the figure and open the properta editor again and the morph should be listed there.

    By the way, sending a figure with GoZ to ZBrush to do some sculpting and sending the altered figure as a morph target back to DAZ Studio works flawlessly. One drawback is that there is apparently no way to work on textured models in ZBrush and that you cannot export a figure with its clothing to ZBrush to do some adjustments to the clothing. However, this works well with Hexagon.With the Hexagon bridge you can send a textured model together with its clothing to Hexagon where it appears fully textured and with the pose you selected. You can then adjust the clothing (remove poke throughs, model some crinkles to make it more realistic etc.) and send the alterations back as morph targets to DAZ Studio. Of course, there is not so much you can do with the limited Hexagon sculpting tools but its nice if you can sculpt on the textured models.

    Thank you again very much for your help!!!!


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    Hi hjshere...

    Just to add, if your morph doesn't readily appear in the Property Editor you do not have to close and reopen it

    Just Right-Click on the Property Tab header or select the menu box and select Refresh Pane...

    Your morphs should then appear in the list.

    Have fun.... :)

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