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I am having issues with puppeteer I have my character is normal on the first dot I make a change like adding muscles on the second dot. I save it then reload it and the muscles are applied to the first dot when I didn't have the changes then.


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    Yes, seems like a bug. I don't remember if it did that in DS3, though.

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    ah,, I can not,,, I tried same thing.(not make key frame on Time line)
    with genesis and papetier dot.

    I can save pupettier layer, keeping pose assingend each dot.

    make testLayer on pupettier

    set genesis zero pose figure
    record it on dot 1.

    2 make new dot2 near dot 1

    3 move genesis rotate x 90, then apply test morph value 0.5

    4 record on dot 2

    now dot no2 (rotation x 90, morph1 0.5),

    but if you preview and move mouse on dot 1,

    dot 1 genesis keep the morph 1 value 0.5

    5 so I set genesis with zero pose again, and record on dot 1 again.

    6 now I can check by preview,

    dot 1 zero pose, zero shape genesis
    dot2 rotate x 90 , morph1 0.5 shape genesis.

    (and when I record new morph1 value eg "1.3" on dot 3,
    the morph value of dot1, and dot2 keep the recorded value"
    so I think we need to record value only "dot1" again. as preview)

    7 then I save the layer as pupettier preset. "test_pupettie.duf"

    8 load genesis then apply "test_pupettier.duf"

    9 now you can load "testlayer" which you made, but, the value of morph of every dots turned 0.
    they keep only pose (rotation and scale?)

    10 and if you try to save all as duf scene,
    you can not save the morph value of papettier,,

    I think it is not bug,
    DAZ should say you can not use pupettier on ds 4.5.
    I do not know when they correct it or not permanently.

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    Create a bugthread about this problem, at
    or this will never get fixed.

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    So if DAZ do not recognize it (we can not save the morph changing as pupettier preset or scene)?
    if there are no report about it, I may create report.

    then it is strange for me, because If you change face by expression in pose controller
    (I believe these are not change rig, almost same as morph. the diffrence is only the assignement
    of node group ,fullbody or head)

    or apply some face expression dsf
    (meny of them may use pose face control and just change parameter) presets.

    and "Updated selected pose " on each dot,(I say it "record")

    ds 4.5 can save them (as pupettier presets , or scene duf) perfectly.

    why only FBM can not save in ds 4.5?

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