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I read a great tutortial by Catherine3678a about making custom morphs for Genesis in Hexagon. It says you can't delete any polys. Is there a way to make an amputee? Can the polys be hidden or can I just shrink them way down to form an amputated limb?


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    The simplest way to make an amputee is to hide the parts in your render.

    You could shrink it all down and hide the verts in the mesh - folks do that to get earless morphs, but I'm darned if I know how they manage to do that without mangling it up.

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    I've seen morphs where people shrank the body parts 'inward' to hide them [like the ears] ... possibly something like that could work plus selecting the unwanted group of dots and making them all 'flat' to make the stump.

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    It works!

    Were you successful as well?

    n.b. the wooden leg part is a prop.

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    Hi patience - I tried that - select all the verts below the knee and make the size on the Y-axis =0. Then with some careful inward movement to cover the hole, it works. Seems too easy - I guess you made the foot invisible? How does this affect the rigging? How did you parent the prop?

    I'm not much of a DS user, so still learning those ropes, so please forgive the stupid questions.

    EDIT: Even simpler - selected all the verts in the lower leg, made the sizes in all axes =0, light brushing with smooth tool - perfect stump!

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    You might find a use for the Poke Away morphs for DS4? This is using the one for the Leg and another for the Foot, not what it was designed for, but it may be a help?

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    I actually made one of my "little morphs" using D/S4.0 and Hexagon.

    These images do not show 'all' the steps needed but hopefully enough to be of some help.

    Amazing, they appeared in the correct order!

    Use the bridge to send Genesis [0 smoothing on the mesh] over to Hexagon ... it's then sent back [eventually] via the Bridge in order to make the morph.

    n.b. for these "little morphs" the 'advanced' setting is NOT used.
    also n.b. this is not the 'professional' method. That requires the advanced and "101 extra steps for the same end result".

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    wow ... 2 posts of pictures in the right order ... and the forum didn't collapse [yes, it's been known to happen].

    [memo - make some smilies]

    Okay ... here's the next set.

    About the editing of the .dsf file ... do NOT do this for any file you're hoping to sell, period. [and I suppose I should make some fancy disclaimer here ... "at your own risk" ... hay, you made this file, you can edit it for yourself and/or to give away for free in places like ... but if you try to manually edit a file to sell it in stores like Daz3d; as per a mention sent my way, they will be rejected by QC ... ]

    n.b. If you set the .dsf files and other D/S files to be opened with Notepad ... then when hovering over them with a sensitive mouse; you won't keep opening up the D/S program.

    After the morph is made; it must be 'saved'. Close and open D/S4 and carry on.
    Try out the new morph ... make the icon, edit files, etc.

    Then to make the prop so it will be correct in the correct loading position for Genesis one can export out the .obj it's to be made for.

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    "next life" ... I learn how to count!

    ... okay ... this one just let the pictures load in the right order so ... one picture.

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    And the rest.

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