Caprinia Pavilion- A place to relax...

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Caprinia Pavilion:

As featured in the most recent (depending on what point in history you are at right now) issue of Pan Galactic Traveler.

Caprinia Pavilion, part of the Caprinia Palace complex. The original structure was destroyed in 5532 by a massive storm that collapsed the eastern seawall causing the entire structure to be washed into the sea.
An exact replica of it was constructed at the Caprinia Resorts less than a hundred kilometers from where the original pavilion once stood. Caprina Pavilion was made famous as the place where Princess Arleena managed to hide from the Karellian troops who pillaged Caprinia Palace in 5389.
It is rumored that the architect who designed the replica even included the underwater chamber where the Princess hid

Tested In Poser 7 and 2010 Pro and DAZ studio 4 pro. The water shader will need tweaking in studio, but otherwise the model works fine in Studio (I actually like the way it comes out in DS4 Pro using the UberEnviroment lighting, better than Poser Pro 2010). I tested a previous version of the model in DAZ studio 2.3, so this newer version (Caprinia Pavilion) should work just fine in earlier versions of studio.

One- The Zip file includes bump maps for many of the materials, but they are not applied... two reasons, most of my textures have some sort of fake lighting/shadow effect already in them (sorta like baked in highlights/shadows) and two I ran of time and patience with this model.

Two- I suck at making water in Poser (and DAZ)... The water is what it is and if you have suggestions for better, I'd love to hear it, but at the moment this is the best I can do. I tried to follow several tutorials on making water for Poser... None of what resulted looked like what I wanted- slightly blueish lightly rippled CLEAR water... like in a pool. That is in regards to Poser... DAZ Studio's materials is whole separate system I still have to understand, so sorry.
In Poser the water is set for displacement, so you'll have to remember to render using displacement and in DAZ studio you'll have to manually set the displacement maps... Good luck... I got one render that the water looked okay in and then someone tripped the fuse before I could save anything... so I have no idea what the settings where... Fate sucks.

I hope you like and or can use it. I'd also be real happy to see any renders you make with it, if you do use it.


1052 x 771 - 229K
1200 x 736 - 298K
1200 x 622 - 254K
1200 x 853 - 244K
1200 x 1650 - 583K
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    Some more Pix...

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    Ah, you're just making this stuff up.

    I say this because I looked up the resort on and they say it's not at all as good as it used to be. People complained about the toilets and the burgers.

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    True, the toilet burgers were terrible... very damp and they tasted like mildew.

  • DorseylandDorseyland Posts: 724
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    Of course, as usual with TripAdvisor, no one agrees on anything. Many people find the toilet burgers WONDERFUL.

    (I'm not trying to be argumentive here.)

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    Toilet burgers in general can be quite tasty... but never eat a toilet sandwich at an interstellar truck stop.... unless you WANT worms.

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    Looks nice! :)

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    Love your out of this world pavilion.

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    I posted this to ShareCG, so it's available now.

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    I posted this to ShareCG, so it's available now.

    And I just downloaded it (on the first try, amazingly enough for a file this big from ShareCG). Bog knows when I'll have time to install it, let alone render something, but I wanted to say "thank you" while the scene was still new.
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    It does indeed look grand on the DS3 stage, Vic. I've toyed with some lighting and hope to get a render into this thread ASAP. Thank you once again!

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    Beautiful model, lordvicore!
    Thanks for all your freebies, I think I have them all! :)
    Below is a pic I made with one of your older model.
    Warm greetings - Teresa :)

    1213 x 914 - 452K
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    YAY!! Another lordvicore goodie!! :cheese:

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