V5 won't install daz 4.5

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I just downloaded DS 4.5 and tried to install V5 but keep getting the same message "victoria 5 has a dependency on another product and the required files can not be found" what is going on? which is the file I need?


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    V5 is a morph for Genesis, and must be installed into the same folder as genesis. If you used the default location for installed content, tat is the My Library folder.

    When you install DS, you MUST install the Genesis Starter Essentials file as well, as it contains the new version of Genesis in .DUF format.

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    I found that Daz was also using the "Public" directory in my Windows 8 pc, so I set the installer to use this directory and that handled the "dependencies missing" error during installation
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  • When installing older models, I've found on win10 that you need to set the EXE to use the default setting.  Otherwise there's an issue.  Here's the deal... ...It will derive your install path if you've set it in your prefs in DAZ.  Make sure you've set the install directories in your DAZ main app.  Then use the defaults, and it will show the proper directory for installation.  The reason it fails is that it is looking for an INI file, which is placed in the default location no matter what.  This file holds a path variable that the EXE picks up and uses for installation.

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    .exe installers are old and may well lack updates - use the zip or, better, use DIM or Connect (where possible). Even so, an .exe installer will cope with non-standard locations.

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