Halloween 2012!!

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Posting this here and Free area to hopefully gain loads of items for our annual giveaway ...

Hi all,

I am hoping to gather some freebies from all you wonderful volunteers that create things...lol

Seriously, it is time to start thinking Halloween since it is only a few months away. Our annual freebie page is needing to be fed and I was hoping to get some donations.

Anyone interested in giving to this page please contact me with your freebie zip which should include a read-me with usage limitations of the freebie in it......ZIPS only please. I also need an image showing us what is in the zip.

You can create:

backgrounds [best results are 300 dpi]
textures for items [best results are 300 dpi]
photographs you take
poser models
vector images

the list is endless!!

I will need items by the end of September so that I can put up our freebie page in October...but will also be placing items during October itself...hoping to have at least one a day til the DAY itself.

Thank you in advance to all that participate in making a grand Halloween for all

and yes I will be doing this later on for Christmas goodies too, you knew I would.

PS: you can contact me here via pm or use the contact form at our site: http://thefantasiesattic.net/attic

Patiently waiting for Daz store to behave and become contest sponsors again!


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    DarkAngel612 I have moved your thread in the freepository, as it was a request for, not an offer of freebies.

    Because you had also posted in more than one forum, which we do not allow I have moved it into a hidden forum

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    Are you a Poser-only area? Would the freebie need to be exclusive to the contest in a permanent way?

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    @chohole: Thanks so much, did not know which area would be better and knew someone here would step in and direct me...hugs

    @SickleYeild: nope we have dazzers, as well..anything is welcome for this drive. It is not a contest --- it is our annual freebie page with goodies for all to come and get. Our members and artistic fiends, um I mean friends way to give back to the community. Exclusives are always welcome but not mandatory.

    hugs all

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    I'll give it a look! I love Halloween.

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    LOL it is fun when we have it ready and alive, many come visit and spread the word to others so they come for goodies too...which I hope those that do not contribute will help spread the word.

    I love Halloween and Christmas and doing this annual goodie page.

    So if you want to help give something just yell or let others know where we will have it...of course I will come back and post when the page goes live too...lol

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    And don't forget we always have the Annual Monster Mash, Halloween bash in the Freepository. This year will be the 5th one.

    THey are always good fun, are recognised and sometimes sponsored by Daz and even some PAs, and generate many links to the freebies that are around in various places.

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