How to Turn off the CMS 'Salad Shooter'

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When adding ANY content to the CMS I want to set the destination of ALL new content. See, Daz puts new content into the unassigned folder but it also creates all these little annoying unassigned sub folders. That's a pain.

I want to install a character. That characters cr2/dsf/duf files should be in the same location that comes w/ material files, poses, any outfits or whatever.....

BASICALLY.... How do I turn off the 'Scatter my crap wherever you think it should be' option of the CMS?


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    DS puts files in the Unassigned category in subfolders based on the directory structure on the hard disk. You can then categorize them however you like. I don't know of an option to just put them all directly under Unassigned, but you can go to the Bug Tracker and request it, choosing "Feature" under severity.

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