So what DAZ updated ?

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in fact, most of user may not update all contents which has been updated.
it took one or two days? I think.

and If you check updated product link of kind users, and find new updated items,
then reinstall upedated products,
it does not means the product must be removed duplicate ID bug or another bug.

you can see many number of product which has been updated before.

duplicate ID bug is not new bug.
it has been known when they release daz 4 rc ver.

so I waited they will remove all duplicate bug in shop.
or they may find new way for duplicate bug in ds 4.5.

but some of them still keep bugs. actually I reinstalled some updated products
today. but some item keep duplicate bug, some item keep missing-meta-data.

I get tired of such game.

if their up-date means, apply some more new morph, or apply some good texture,
it seems so good and I say thaks to them.

but they just correct bugs when they get bug report. so there are many number updated contents.

I can not believe why they need update again and again about same product?

I feel DAZ has not test sysytem which can keep their meny contents suitable and reliable.

it is not complain, I have no energe to keep complain about daz any more.
just stop to buy anything, untill I can not find contents erroer in bug tracker.

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