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Getting on fine now, but wondering why there's only 2 categories "Scenes" and "Scripts" in the DS Studio Formats panel at the top of the pic below compared to 10 in Poser Formats beneath. Shouldn't there be more as I'm needing a DS "Figures" category ?


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    Nope that is how it should be. Daz Studio has always been able to use Poser formats and still does today.

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    Poser has a set of pre-defined libraries - Camera, Figures, etc. - but Ds doesn't, the files can go anywahere in the content directory (except for a few special locations, like Data and Runtime). That is potentially more flexible, though it can get messy if different creators group things in different top-level folders.

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    Poser uses multiple file types for it's content, DS uses a couple for everything.

    Poser Formats

    PZ3 = Scene
    CR2 = Figures
    PZ2 = Pose
    FC2 = Expressions
    HR2 = Hair
    HD2 = Hands
    PP2 = Props
    LT2 = Lights
    CM2 = Cameras
    MC6 = Materials (can also be MT5 and PZ2)

    DS Formats

    DAZ = scenes and anything with a mesh/morph in it
    DS = DS1/2 ascii script
    DSA = DS3 ascii script
    DSB = DS Binary script
    DSE = DS Encode Binary script

    The DAZ file is similar to Posers PZ3,CR2,HR2 & PP2, while the script files pretty much cover the rest.

    With DS4.5 we still only have two types, scripts (DUF & DSA) and assets (DSF), so it's pretty much a case of stick them where you feel like, if it's a DUF character preset then that could be your "figure".

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    Thank you, all makes sense now so best to first think Poser from now on.... :-)

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