save handmade morph in ds 4.5

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I do not remember how I saved them in ds 4.0 clearly,
but I never see it .

now, if I save morph in 4.5 with value 1 or, 100 percent (or anothe value) for check it,.
and save it without change some values in parameter setting.

when I load new genesis, it came with the value of shape.

is it changed or not? I do not think , it has not saved in ds 4.0 , just change parameter and save morph.

of course I can change the default value of morph in ds 4.5,
it is good point of 4.5 I think, ( I many times requested that)

(if you want to correct, just set defalt value to 0, and save again,
or edit the morph.dsf in data folda,

by text editor, (if you need ,unfold the file)
and change current value ="0")

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    In 4.5 you need to make sure that all morph values are set to zero before you save the Morph Asset, otherwise the morph will load with whatever the value was set to whenever you load a new Genesis figure.

    Hope this helps... :)

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    Hi :)

    I think you or bejaymac or some guys said before it.
    (when I asked about save as modifeid assets)

    and I said no! because I tryed same thing in ds 4 .0.3 only :coolsmile:

    so now I understand what you said before.

    then it seems good changing now.

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    Yes I remember when you asked about that. In 4.0 the Save Modified Assets could be tricky to use depending on what you are doing. I only used it when creating morphs for clothing I was making.

    The Save Morph Asset will just write any value you currently have set to the morph file and since Genesis reads all the morph assets at load time, any non-zero values will then be loaded to the new Genesis figure.

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    I needed before for save again and again my morph to adjust shape and rigging
    so I ofen use save modified assets before.

    if I use edit > rig to shape, sometimes it if different from original rigging move of procucts (v4, or etc product morph)
    when I made morph(with rig move=that means JCM I think,,))
    by mix and modify some defaul products morph. so I try transfer the rigging,, it seems tricky a little.

    and I was afraid other men use character preset ,(it change default values of other morphs on the scene) .
    then save morph when they make their morph.

    new men sometiems report again about their genesis road with strange shape .
    almost of them can correct now more easy in ds 4.5. without unisntall morphs.

    (in many case, you or bejay or Takeo kansei answer about the problems.
    I seem they have experienced samething before or not? I hope someone make how to treat the problem
    with correct english )

    just find the morph which has changed the default value, and correct it in controller setting,
    then save it again. (but sometimes we can not find the morph which cause the problem, I think)

    before we can not change default value of morph in ds 4, now we can change without edit file.

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    Niccipb is right

    When saving a morph just do Parameter Tab->zero Genesis figure
    Then Save as->Support Asset->Morph Asset.
    Choose asset Directory (I created a Library for my work so I always choose it when saving so that I can find my morph easily)
    Give a vendor name (you?!)
    Give a product name
    Then check the morph you want to save then you're done

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    yeah actually . after that I only save morph from top menu.

    and I did not know before I can save many files in one products folda.
    so I made many many products folda for each morphs.

    (I was foolish,, will be foolish too. )

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    Choose asset Directory (I created a Library for my work so I always choose it when saving so that I can find my morph easily)

    This is what I do also while I'm developing new clothes or Genesis morphs. Then when I'm done I just merge the product to my main content directory.... :)

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