Video Card and Viewport speed - which one is faster?

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Hello, guys,

I've been experiencing problems on my viewport and dials when the scene gets "too big", like 10 generation 4 models with clothes, cars, some other stuff and a Urban Sprawn 2 or other big scene, it is the same on DS3a or DS4,5.

I went from an old model Nvidia 128mb (don't remember model) to a Nvidia 9600GT (512mb) and then to a Nvidia GTX 460 (1gb) on the last upgrade, but with a small difference on speed, I'm a bit confused why these better video cards don't seem to make much difference.

What I want to know:
Would a Nvidia Quadro series help me with viewport speed? Any of you guys have this video card? Which model?

I know that DS doesn't use it for rendering (what a pity...) but sometimes she slow viewport just kill my patience.

Thanks in advance.


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    I don't have the Quadro so I'm unsure how it would perform. I have the nVidia GTX 570 2.5GB RAM. I have no problems with slowdown even with the most complicated of scenes. I also have 32GB of RAM to help the process. How much do you have?

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    I have 16Gb of ram, but the biggest scene I did Daz used about 9 gb.

    Well, a GTX 570 2,5gb ram is a special video card compared to mine (I read a comparative test).

    It is a nice reference, thanks Frank 0314. :)

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    Yeah, you have plenty of RAM for complicated scenes and then some. I've heard people say the Quadro is a good card but I just don't know since I've never used one.

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    No, a Quadro won't help your speeds. it has drivers working that help the accuracy of the display when modeling in 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Solidworks, and some speed in the viewport, Premiere and Photoshop use them too but you won't see benefits in DAZ Studio to justify their higher pricetag unless DAZ Studio supports them with a special driver.

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    Thanks SimonWM this is what I needed to know about Quadro!

    Now I will take Frank0314's advice and buy a better video card.

    Thanks guys, I will talk to my friends about this useful information!

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