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Magnet Morphs and GenX
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I’ve seen some morph packages for generation 4 products that claim to be not true morphs, but magnet morphs.

To the point, I’m wondering if these sort of morphs are at all compatible with GenX transfers to Genesis.

It’s my understanding that magnet morphs are meant for clothes, but some people are apparently using them for the figures themselves, too.

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Magnets (aka D-Formers in DS) push, pull and generally deform the mesh, once your happy with the shape of the mesh you then “spawn” a morph from the magnets.

This is generally used to add morphs to clothing, ie adding Girl4’s shape to an outfit that was created long before she was. Some people even use them to “sculpt” new character morphs which are then “spawned”, there are however one or two items that only use magnets to change a figure, rather than spawning them as morphs, these require Poser to work properly.


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