New Geometry shell?

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I remember reading someone saying that one could use the new shell function to make a shell, and then for example, add bodyhair to the shell.

How does one do that? Simply applying a pose file doesn't work.


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    The shell becomes a sort of 'dummy' character, to which you can add (so I understand it) textures, plus other assorted objects and items. I think what you might have seen was the suggestion that it coudl be used for Jepe's M4 body hair and also his various body jewels. Both, from memory, suggest (in pre Genesis days) loading a second M4 and applying the hair/jewels, etc. to that.

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    I've made a Skinsuit for almost every figure I own, so for me this is a welcome feature, it means I can apply my transmapped 2nd skin outfits to the shell, and not have to remake all of my skinsuits so they work in DS4 (they work as intended in DS1,2&3 as well as every version of Poser, just not in DS4).

    The attached pic is an example of what I'm using it for, Genesis with the basic female morph with a V4 texture on the left and the sample Lana texture on the right, the swimsuit and swimsuit transmap are applied to the Geometry Shell.

    The preset I loaded the swimsuit with is a DS3 .dsa, but I resaved it as a DS4.5 .duf just to check, as long as you have the shell selected in the scene tab (can't select it in viewport) then presets will apply as normal.

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    I understand the concept all right, and the shell seems like it has all the same surfaces, but nothing shows. I see opacity if off so I turn it on, but still nothing visible. I try to apply textures regularly but nothing shows up, its like there's no shell at all. Must be doing something wrong.... :(

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    I just found out that you need to be using DS presets, Poser pz2 etc don't work for whatever reason, you get the progress bar but the figure is still grey after it's finished.

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