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[LINKS] ChibiBel Free Resources

robkelkrobkelk Posts: 3,257
edited May 2014 in Freebies

This is a list of legally-free resources for Yamato and BILLY-T's ChibiBel character available for purchase at the DAZ3D online store. While all of the resources listed here are free-to-own, some of these models are only free-to-use for non-commercial purposes. It is the user's responsibility to remain in compliance with each model's license.

As always with my lists, contributions of links to other legal free resources for ChibiBel are not only welcome, they're encouraged.

Note: Some items are marked "Cosplay". The term is short for "Costumed Roleplay," and (as it implies) items marked with this tag may make ChibiBel or her clothing look very much like a particular copyrighted character. It is the user's responsibility to remain in compliance with trademark and copyright laws.

Note: The list maintainer is aware of some legally-free resources for ChibiBel that are not listed here. The list maintainer lives in a jurisdiction where depictions of underage sexual activities are illegal, and ChibiBel is intended to depict a minor. Thus, no items that are specifically intended for depictions of sexualized situations will appear on the this list, so please do not offer them.

See this thread for instructions on how to register at

If you like ChibiBel (or her big sister, BelBel), you might like the #Bel-Social group on DeviantArt::

Last updated 31 May 2014


BelBel & CB for face morph · Face02a distribution

BelBel&ChibiBel MouthMorfh

Chibibel face morph distribution

Elf ears (OBJ files only, no INJ files)

MNE For ChibiBel_Ver2 POWERED BY TOFU (NOTE: the promo image in the rar file is NSFW)

NeckBend JCM Injection for TY2 CB NM [OR] OR

Unyan? (catgirl; OBJ files only, no INJ files)




ChinaDress4 For Chibibel OR

ERKsuit for Chibibel OR

Layer Dress for Chibibel OR

MMCutieDForCB (first row, right column)


MMCoat-01setForCB (second row, middle-right column)


ChibiBel School Skirt (fourth from top)

Shoes, Boots, and Sandals

Uwabaki for Chibibel (indoor shoes) OR



Complete Outfits

Christmas Freebie distribution a little early (skimpy elf outfit)


Gymnastics clothes for Chibibel

GymSuit for Chibibel OR

MMCasualForCB (first row, left column)

MMCS-DForCB (second row, middle-left column)

MMGDress2ForCB (first row, middle-right column)

MMGDressSetForCB (first row, middle-left column)

Shukky's Maid for ChibiBell

shukky's Majokko for ChibiBel OR

Shukky's-A3&CB "Suikyou School" uniform (top row, left column)

Sunflower (skirt and top) (top of page)


CB bikiniTH

ChibiBel ScSwim01 (Japanese school swimsuit) (second from top)

MMSwimWearForCB (second row, left column)


D.C.2 uniform for Chibibel (Cosplay: school uniform from Da Capo 2)

Wardrobe Textures

Bel Public Freebie: Chibibel Pink Safari (for Chibibel's Jacket and the bloomers in GymSuit for Chibibel) OR

Chibibel Pink Safari 2- Bel Public Freebie (for Chibibel's Jacket and the bloomers in GymSuit for Chibibel)

Chibibel Pink Safari 3- Bel Public Freebie (for Chibibel's Jacket and the bloomers in GymSuit for Chibibel)

Textures for Paid Wardrobe

Classics Tobacco for Chibibel Underwear
(Original outfit in the base ChibiBel package: )

Marika for ChibiBel ("7 MAT Poses and 1 Hair Extension Figure")
(Original outfit in the base ChibiBel package: )

OnTrend Textures - Bel Public Freebie OR OR
(Original outfit in BEL magazine #3: )

SAKURA for OnTrend Romper
(Original outfit in BEL magazine #3: )


ChibiBel TwinRoll Hair

ChibiBel W Osage (twin tails)

Saber Hair (Cosplay: Saber from Fate/Stay Night)


ChibiBell Small Poses

The Action Pose Project for ChibiBel

Mixed Content

Bel Magazine Issue 1 (content pack only) OR (entire magazine) OR OR

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