So where does this realIllusion stuff fit in?

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Sorry but why do I buy Carrara? Does this one do it all over again, but if i buy a Kinect thingy I have Moped?

I know that's blunt, but the blurb is always blah blah blurred blurb and I really would like to be able to compare.


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    just more software
    some of us are addicts :red:
    some have Poser, others Vue or Cinema4D, Maya, Houdini (and money!!!)
    others use Blender
    I bought iClone 4 years ago before I found Daz studio, it was the first intro to 3D for me ;-P
    and also have Carrara, my favourite program
    each to their own,
    iClone is a fun animation/movie making software that can now import Daz figures too, you do not HAVE to buy it but if you go to the Reallusion site there is a demo you can play with and render in to see if you like it or not.

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    I been poking around at this Iclone a bit too.

    1. Am I understanding correctly that it is canned motions (similar to animate), with additional content, plus mocap (with additional purchased add ons). I'm also assumming Iclones content is not compatible with Studio, is that right?
    2. If you export from Studio, do the bones on figures remain intact or do you have to re-rig?
    3. Can anything be exported back to Studio for additional editing?
    4. Can you keyframe once exported to Iclone? (New keyframes AND edit keyframes done in Studio)
    5. Would you recommend this as a "next step" for someone unsatisfied with Studios animation controls? Or would this be step backwards?

    EDIT: OOOPS - forget it, just found this thread which seems to be answering my questions - Thanks Wendy....

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    OK. Thanks for the replies. I guess as suggested I need to have a ply and see what I reckon.

    I think the mocap feature is the one I was most interested in.

    I will also follow that link and see what pops up. Those questions are sort of following mine.

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