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[LINKS] Aiko3 Free Resources

robkelkrobkelk Posts: 3,257
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This is a list of legally-free resources for the Aiko 3 character from DAZ 3D. While all of the resources listed here are free-to-own (unless marked "paid item"), some of these models are only free-to-use for non-commercial purposes. It is the user's responsibility to remain in compliance with each model's license.

First post in this thread (this post): Key Downloads, Utilities, Tutorials, Morphs, Character Textures
Second post in this thread: Wardrobe (part 1)
Third post in this thread: Wardrobe (part 2)
Fourth post in this thread: Wardrobe Textures, Wardrobe Refits
Fifth post in this thread: Hair, Poses, Accessories and Props

When multiple URLs are given for an item, they are parts of a single download unless marked otherwise.

Note: Some items are marked "Cosplay". The term is short for "Costumed Roleplay," and (as it implies) items marked with this tag may make Aiko or her clothing look very much like a particular copyrighted character. It is the user's responsibility to remain in compliance with trademark and copyright laws.

As always with my lists, contributions of links to other legal free resources for Aiko3 are not only welcome, they're encouraged.

See this thread for instructions on how to register at

Looking for Hiro 3 Free Resources? See this thread:

Last updated 8 January 2014.

Key Downloads

Anime Star Fighter (bonus with a purchase; includes the Aiko 3.0 Base character model, Mitsu Hair, and Mech Girl for A3)

Paid Items
Not free, but too useful to ignore.

Aiko 3.0 Morphs and Maps (required for many of the character morphs listed below)

Cross Dresser 4 Licence for Aiko 3 (allows the free CrossDresser program to convert clothing to A3)


Aiko 3 Seam Guides (twelfth from top)

Aiko 3 Texture Template (under the tab "Resource Files")

Aiko3 Head Morph Maker ("a set of magnets to deform Aiko3's head") (sixth from bottom)

Blank Cr2 for Aiko 3 le (for making your own morphs)

Eye Seam Guide for Mil3 Figures (second from bottom)

Face Randomizer for Poser (second from top)

LuxRenderDS Skin settings for DAZ Gen3 figures

QuickDress for Aiko 3 (helper mesh to make your own clothing)

QuickSuit for Aiko 3 (helper mesh to make your own clothing)

RTEncoder (not just an Aiko 3 resource, this is needed to decode certain morphs before first use) OR

Scalp Props for common Poser Figures ("for making stranded hair in Poser")

Starter Dress for Aiko 3 (helper mesh to make your own clothing)

Starter Pants for Aiko 3 (helper mesh to make your own clothing)


Creating Poser/Studio compatible shoes for Aiko3 using free tools

Making Shoes For Aiko3

Pose Joint Corrections


A3 Bri (second row from bottom, left column)

A3 Jezabelle

A3 Perya

A3 Spring

Ailynn for A3

Amy AiMei for Aiko3 and Aiko3 LE OR

Anime Head for Aiko3 Beta

Anissa for Aiko3

Annaannesi A3

Anneannesi A3 Charater

Annette character pack for Aiko

Arian For Aiko 3 (character and clothing texture set; includes custom "HawkNose" morph) AND AND
Daz Studio Materials:

Ariel Character Set

Autumn for Aiko3 OR

Bert & Beatrix for H3/A3

Bianca for A3

Bukko (A3 Character)

Cassandra for A3

Cassiopiea for A3

Chou for A3 - Poser Files

Christa for Aiko 3 LE

Christina-LE v1.02

Ciel for Xinxin

Cristabel Character and Textures for Aiko

Custom Creations

Daisy A3

Dulcy Character by Spacenewt

Elayne for Aiko 3 LE v1.01

Ellie for Elayne (for Aiko)
(requires Elayne for Aiko 3 LE v1.01, listed above)

Elwing for Aiko 3

Erica for Aiko 3 LE - UPDATED!!

Erin for A3 (by sgacity)

Erin for A3 (by Winterflame)

Freja set for Aiko 3 (character morph, complete outfit, and hair)

Ingerborg for A3

Inola For A3

Jacqueline for Aiko 3 le and Aiko 3 full

Jewel for A3

June for A3 (LE and Complete)

Kaname (fourth from bottom)

Koe for Aiko3 (includes Koe for Hiro)

Kohana For A3 (any)

Leah for A3

Lia - Face Morph For Aiko 3

Lilianna For A3

Lillianne Character by Spacenewt

(Also requires Kioki: )

(Also requires Aiko-X Head Morph eXpansion: )

Marion for A3

mcjA3FitStilettos ("Morph to make Aiko3’s feet look good in stilettos")

Michele for A3

Mizuho (top of page for full Aiko; second from top for Aiko LE)
Morphs: (top and second from top of page)

Myra for A3 LE

Naomi full morph for A3

Nine and a Rose

Noel for A3

Penny Blue

Qi for A3LE

Qwin for A3/V3

Rani for Aiko 3 Le

Rani for Aiko 3 Le V1.3

Reese for A3

Reika for Aiko 3 (third from bottom)

Rhiannon for A3

Riko for Aiko 3 LE

Rita for Aiko 3 Complete

Roxy for A3

Saku for V3/S3/A3/Laura/Maddie

Sarina (click on "Character" if she isn't at the top of the page)

Selena for A3

Sofi for A3

Stahlratte´s Girl3 (fusion morph of Aiko3 and Girl3; RTEncoded against both figures)

Summer for A3 and A3LE OR

Tanya Character Pack for Aiko 3

Tian for A3 (top of page)

(Also requires Aiko Toon and Aiko Toon Expressions: and )

Vianne for Aiko 3 (search for "Vianne for Aiko 3")

Vixen for Aiko3

Winter for Aiko3

Winterfae for Aiko 3

Winters A3 Full Characters

Yuria for Aiko 3.0

Yuriko for Aiko 3 LE

Non-human Morphs

A3 Diffuse Dark Elf OR

A3 Horsey Character

A3 Sera Succubus Creature

A3/H3 Fae Morph

Aiko Foal Centaur
(also requires the (paid) Millennium Horse Bundle: )

Alien_Morphs for Aiko and Hiro (Cosplay: Klingon from any Star Trek except the original series)

Animal for Aiko3


Celebration for Hiro & Aiko - Helpers (elf morphs for A3 and H3)

Critter Morphs for Aiko3 and Hiro3

Elf Morph PZ2 Files A3

Furrything (sixth from bottom)

Reptilian Alien Morph and MATS

Reptillian Character for A3

Partial Morphs

21 More Aiko3 Head Morphs (eighth from top)

A_Ling (fifth from top, right column)

A3 Nice Teeth

A3 Pregnant Morph

A3 Viera Foot Morph

Aiko 3 Expressions

Aiko Custom Head Morphs (two packages, bottom of page)

ASIA - Face Morph for Aiko 3

Atami for Aiko3.0

BUFFY for Aiko3 (Sarah Michelle Gellar face)

Cheekish (third from top)

Custom A3 breast morphs

Druselle for Aiko3

Eryl - face morph and MAT

HyRaRa (second from top)


KiRaRa (top of page)

Kuraara for Aiko 3.0


mcjA3FixNeck morph


MORENITA for Aiko 3

Morphs for Animations Corneas A3 & V3 (Sad)



NAZUNA for Aiko3.0


Orthodontic tooth morph

Pengy Teeth

Petal - Face Morph For Aiko 3

Pregnant (fourth from bottom)

Satsuki A4 & A3

V4 Feet for A3


Character Textures

A3 A to Z OR

a3 blissany texture tatoos

Aiko Snowflake

Alien Spider Symbiote Textures (Cosplay: Venom from Marvel Comics)

DQS Pubic Hair Pack for Aiko3 and Miki (NSFW)

Fantasy Textures for Mil3 figures
LINK (top of page)

Frostbite Faeries (includes matching texture for Tink Dress)

Goth for Michael 3 ("works well on most other Millenium 3 figures")

Gothic for A3, S3, and V3 ( Poser )


JezzTextures for Aiko3 (third from bottom, click on the girl)

M3 Pride 2007 Texture and Morphs

NardiaLite 1 for A3 OR

NardiaLite 2 for A3 OR

Racing Skin Super-Hero 6-Pack, V3 M3 SP...

Sub Surface Scattering MAT for Salome (Poser 9+ only; requires Salome or another complete set of textures) OR

Textures for Generation 3 figures (previously listed as six separate textures - Mint, Cupric, Robot, Jellyman, Purple Fae, and Dragonne; new URL; six downloads) search for "Textures for Generation 3 figures")

The Mad Albino (with UniMAT Merchant Resource)

Toon Drows ("For Daz Studio Only")

Toyyaris's skintextures for Aiko Toon (for Aiko Toon only - "these textures do not work on aiko3")

U3 Black Skull Armor

U3 Celtic Texture

U3 Floral Texture

U3 Flower Girl

U3 Rainbow Warrior

U3 White Dragon Texture

Unimes Girls Textures (A3, V3, SP, Laura, Girl)

Uzume for A3 P5 (top of page)

V3 Amanda Texture and Morphs (morphs are for V3)

V3 Angel Morphs and Texture

V3 Asia Texture and Morphs

V3 Goldie Texture and Morphs

Yunners Texture Bundle (Cosplay: Rogue and She-Hulk from Marvel comics, and Bloodrayne from Bloodrayne 2)

Partial Textures

Aiko LE eye set by mininessie


Banshee Mask

Blemish/Freckles Face Texture for Aiko 3

Buddhist Armour (Sak Yant tattoos)

G3 Eye Maps AND

Gen 3 Eyes A to Z (eye textures "converted from the V2 series into the eye texture format for Gen3 characters") or

LS Series I: Fantasy Eyes (eyes for any Millennium 3 figure; apply in Poser material room)

LS Series II: Dragon Eyes - V3 (eyes for any Millennium 3 figure; apply in Poser material room)

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