[Solved] What's the latest 4.0.3 version?

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What's the latest DS 4.0.3 version? Resetting the download got me Are there any other version after that before jumping to 4.5? If there are, where can I download that?

I really x10 considering on downgrading 4.5, too unstable for me to the point nothing can get done with it.

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    how do you reset downloads? I've got also, installed it at 10th of April. It seems to be a version from January, considering the modification timestamps with the explorer.
    I'm not happy with the update policy with DAZ... sometimes I doubt that it's such a good idea when DAZ gives their Studio away for free.

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    I believe that is the latest prior version to, and it should have appeared in your downloads at the same time as 4.5, so that you could save it to install later if needed.

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    If you already have DS 4 Pro in your order history you can also simply click the reset link in your Itemised Order History.

    Yes, was the last version of 4.0.

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    Thanks for the confirmation. It's just that with DS3, the official download page doesn't keep up-to-date with the latest version, and must find the latest in the forums. It's like searching for needle in a haystack. I'm glad this is not the case with DS4.

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