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Shader help please?
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BC Rice - 01 September 2012 01:04 PM

(NOTE: when I keep saying “MAT” I’m meaning, say, the JPEG that contains M4s arms, legs and nails, etc)

To clear up any confusion, in the future you may wish to refer to the image file with the arms, legs etc as an image map, or map. It’s built using the model’s UV map and shading domains. The mat files you mention are Poser material files and contain references to the image maps and shading domains. I know it sounds like a matter of semantics, but they are different and depending on how you interchange the terms can be confusing to people trying to help.


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Thanks EP smile and Hi smile

I agree with Evil Producer,. the terminology used can be confusing and it’s best to keep to the correct terms like “texture map”, or Image. .

To start with,. there’s no need to create Multiple Duplicates of anything, but I would advise creating a couple of folders in you “My Shaders” area of the Carrara browser, for different shaders you create.

the folders are located in your My Documents / Daz3D / Carrara / My Presets / My Shaders
you can add more folders here for your own work.

The simple way to create a New “Global shader” for any figure, is to simple start with the default shaders that are loaded when you load the figure into a scene.

If you jump into the shader room, you’ll see a list of all the different shaders on the right, and you can double click to edit any of these. (See pic)

So, whether you want to adjust the bump value, or entirely replace the Texture maps used in this shader,. you can do that here.

Once you’ve edited all the different shaders, then you can save that “Global shader”,. whether it’s a Figure shader, or an item of clothing, it’s exactly the same.
Edit the shaders to your liking, then save the global shader to the browser so you can use it in another scene.
If you have different Texture maps which you want to use in a shader,
you can Browse through your Poser, or DS folders and load the texture maps.

Once you save the Global shader,.. carrara stores the locations of those Texture maps inside the shader,.. so that the next time you apply that shader to a figure or an item of clothing, carrara will load up the Texture maps, from wherever they were stored on your system.

So, by loading different texture maps, or adjusting colours, or any other shader values,. then saving the Global shader, you create a New and Different shader that’s unique.

to make ten different Global shaders, you’d simply edit the same file ten times, changing the texture maps, or adjusting colours, or values, and once you’re happy, you’d save the Global shader. (with a new name)

In Carrara, more than one shader can share the same “Texture Map” but can have different values, for example: the Face, and Lips both share the same Texture map, but the lips are normally much shinier and glossy, so the settings for that shader need to be different while the base texture map is the same.

The same would apply to several V4’s or M4’s in you’re scene,
They can have different Global shaders applied to them, and some of those shaders could share the same basic Texture maps, without any conflicts.

Hope it helps smile


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