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I had not noticed this before (using S5) as I had used a .duf scene from studio opened in Carrara which worked fine, but Stephanie 5's clothes are not fitting, I will admit I am not using the latest beta,
if I load Genesis female and dial in Stephanie it is ok but then I do not have her UV's.
loading Stephanie on the selected loaded Gen female and zeroing figure seems to have fixed it, (and gets her uv's) I can then redial in Stephanie curvy, Riley etc.
but kinda odd how she does not work right just loaded.
maybe in the latest build she does but I want Mimic and facial morphs working so not using it.

oh, and is it just me? she looks glum by default?

1920 x 1080 - 807K
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    The latest beta version or 8.5 does have more fixes to support the Genesis and DUF file format. I'd suggest you get the latest build to see if it is still a problem.

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    I do have the latest beta but facial expressions and Mimic did not work so I uninstalled it for the previous version, still would rather do a work around like I did with Stephanie than lose that function
    posted mainly to see if others had issues or not and maybe if not in the newer version I at least will know future builds with Mimic also working would be ok.

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