More duplicate errors with 4.5

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I posted this on their discussion no answer so I am also asking here. I get this with Genesis and its content now. I have Richard script corrector installed it in scripts dont see to be doing much any ideas?

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    I had a similar problem. Found that DAZ Studio will read ANY studio content on your system. Make sure that you only have one Studio content library on your computer. I had forgot that I had a content library left over from a 32 bit install and studio was reading it when I started studio.


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    Ddi you check the log file after running my script? Though if it hit an errro it should pop up a dialogue. In any event, have you tried resetting the order (assuming it isn't newly purchased content)? Most items have been fixed by QA - though I think they used my script where possible (it definitely does fail on some differently set up items).

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    Just exactly what is the name of this log file and where would I find it. I'm win7 x64 ultimate.

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    Inside DS4, Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File

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