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[LINKS] Free Hand and Power Tool Models

robkelkrobkelk Posts: 3,257
edited April 2014 in Freebies

This is a list of legally-free hand and power tool models and other workshop-related items. While all of the resources listed here are free-to-own, some of these models are only free-to-use for non-commercial purposes. It is the user's responsibility to remain in compliance with each model's license.

As always with my lists, contributions of links to other legal free tool props and other workshop-related items are not only welcome, they're encouraged.

Last updated 27 April 2014

Hand Tools

A pair of Pliers for M4

An assortment of stuff (includes woodworking mallet)

C Clamp or



Combination Box-Open End Wrench set

cross wrench (ninth from top)

crowbar (third from top)

Crowbar Prop for Poser

Cutter (box cutter; 3ds format)

Geek Tools (screwdrivers)

Hammer (ninth from top)

Hammer (claw hammer)

Hammer (claw hammer; OBJ or 3DS format)

Hammer (sledgehammer; OBJ format)

Hand Tools (claw hammer, flat screwdriver, Philips screwdriver)

Handsaw prop for Poser

Mallet (bottom of page)

Mattock (top of page)

NASA - Pistol Grip Tool (3DS format)

OpenEnd Wrench Set

Paint Gun


Precision Knife (x-act style) (fifth from top)

pry bar (.OBJ file) (OBJ format)

Rusty Tire Iron Prop for Poser

screw driver set (twelvth from top)


Super Hallagan Tool ("catspaw" restoring/burglary tool; OBJ format)

yattoko (pliers) (eighth from top)

Power Tools


Chainsaw Prop and Pose for M3 (sixth from top)

Circular Saw

Cordless Framing Nailer


Disk Grinder


Industrial Rivet Gun OR


Jigsaw (for Poser)

Nail Gun

router and bits

WoodButcher 3000 (circular saw, with sawhorses and plywood) OR

Larger Tools

Engine Lathe

Garage Shop Scooter red

Industrial accessories, or commercial (includes lathe and lathe chisels)


Oxy-Acetylen Welder (EU colours)

Table Saw Model - OBJ and DAZ Studio Versions


Welding Gear & Equipment

Electrical/Electronics Tools

circuit tester (fourth from top)

Portable Meter\Sci-Fi Hand Scanner ("loosely based on a real world multi-meter")

Soldering Iron (search for "Soldering Iron")

Tool Boxes

M4 Toolbox Smartprops (includes wrench and M4 poses)

Rusty Old Tool Box or

Tool Chest and Socket Set (includes socket wrench set)


Truckbed Toolbox

Xaa's Victorian Toolkit for Poser (hammer, screwdriver, Moncky wrench, tray)

Related Items

A Working Spring

Aluminium Steps (step ladder)


Barrel (55-gallon drum; OBJ or 3DS format)

Blister Pack

Bottle Jack

CarbideLampHelmet (bottom of page)

Cauldron Art's DIY set 1 (step ladder, paint cans, paint brushes, paste table, paint/wallpaper scraper, and cold chisel)

Circular Sawblade Prop

Easy Pose extension cord

Extending Ladder

Extending Ladder

extinugisher (fire extinguisher) (fifth from top)

flash light (fourth from bottom)

Flashlight.obj (OBJ format)

Handspot as OBJ

Hard Hat Prop for M4 (second from bottom)

Hardhat OBJ model - No textures or color (OBJ format)

Ladder prop for Daz Studio

Liquid or Gas Pressure Tank with Valve


Marker Pen

MDG Circular SawBlade OBJ (OBJ format)

Push Broom

Saw Horse

Saxon3d Anvil & Hammer

Shop Light Intelliprop

Shop Roll Around Cart

Shop Scooter Red

step ladder (second from top)

Torch Light (small flashlight; OBJ or 3DS format)

Trash bin (OBJ format) (bottom of page)

Wood Working Support Roller - OBJ & DS Versions

Workbench (OBJ format)

Hardware and other consumables

Aerosol Can

Aerosol Can - DS

battery (D cell) (seventh from top)

battery (AA cell)

Drill Bit and Cable Tidy

Duct Tape

Gears for Poser

Incandescent Glass Lightbulb

knife Switch

Light Bulb

midget lamp (bulb) (bottom of page)



Screw (more a short bolt with a screw head)

Sylon Spray Paint

Sci-Fi Tools

Geiger Counter\Sci-Fi Scanner


laser screwdriver (from Doctor Who)

P7 fix for sonic devices, ophthalmoscope (from Doctor Who)

sonic lipstick (from Doctor Who)

Sonic Screwdriver (from Doctor Who)

Sonic Screwdriver for Poser (from Doctor Who)

Taylor Jaynes Sonic Screwdriver (from Doctor Who)


Drilling Poses (for V4)

M4 - The Workman

M4 - The Workman Part II

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