Can i save as presets, surface adjustments such as tiling etc?

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Having scenes with mutliple iterations of an object, it would be a god send if i could somehow save adjustments to the surface settings of the object so I don't have to adjust them every time. As far as i can tell, i can only save the materials as a preset, but no surface adjustments. Bloody nightmare. If 4.0 pro can't, will 4.5?


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    I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do. A Material Preset is for the surfaces, and when you save it, you can re-apply it to that object, or any one with the same surfaces - ie. material names. You can also save individual surfaces (materials) by selecting one and saving a Shader Preset. That can be applied to any selected surface, regardless of name.


    Edit - If you want to save just one channel from a material - ie. tiling, save a Shader Preset and select Custom, then uncheck the channels you don't want. When applied, it will only change the channel(s) you want.

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    Thanks for the reply. Well it's working now. I think i was loading the obj up which had the materials already on it and thinking I had applied the material preset which apparently does have the tiling, offset, etc. information in it. I think i need to take a fiver. Getting dingy. I appreciate the reply though. Pardon my apprent brain fart.

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