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Change shapes value

semidieusemidieu Posts: 26

I want to work with the Genesis shapes.
Looking for the samples, it's easy to get all the shapes (Property) of the currently selected figure.

Now, I can't seem to find a way to:

Get the current value of a shape
Get the minimum and maximum value of a shape
Set a value for a shape

Thanks for your help!


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 31,792
    edited December 1969

    For a morph oModifier,

    oControl = oModifier.getValueChannel();

    will give you the parameter. then you can get values, limits and whether they are on with

    value = oControl.getValue();
    limited = oControl.isClamped();
    max = oControl.getMax();
    min = oControl.getMin();

    and set the vlue, or change the limits, with

    oControl.setValue( value );
    oControl.setMax( max );
    oControl.setMin( min );
    oControl.setIsClamped( true );

  • semidieusemidieu Posts: 26
    edited August 2012

    Thanks for the reply... Now... I'm discovering that I'm really missing something.

    I used the sample: Node Properties.dsa
    This displays the list of morphs. But I can't get further from here... I'm thinking I'm doing the things wrong here...

    So, I think I must handle things differently... if I start with:

    oSkel = Scene.getPrimarySelection().getSkeleton();

    Is there a way from here to get the list of all morphs and then handle the values ?
    When I look at the sample (Node properties.dsa), it looks to me very complicated to get all the morphs like this... I'm sure there must be a much easier way...

    One last thing: Is it possible, in the Script IDE, to run a command to list the available functions for an object ?
    Something like: help(oNode);

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  • semidieusemidieu Posts: 26
    edited December 1969

    Ok... found it! But why does this code generate an error at the end ?

    // DAZ Studio version filetype DAZ Script
    oNode = Scene.getPrimarySelection().getSkeleton();
    var obj = oNode.getObject();
    for (var i=0;i

    And there error is:

    ... lots of line above...
    FBMBasicChild0 1
    CloneVictoria40 0
    CloneTheGirl40 0
    CloneStephanie40 0
    CloneRebySky0 0
    CloneMichael40 0
    CloneKids40 0
    CloneHiro40 0
    CloneFreak40 0
    CloneAiko40 0
    Script Error: Line 10
    TypeError: Result of expression 'modifier.getValueChannel' [undefined] is not a function.
    Stack Trace:
    Error executing script on line: 10
    Script executed in 1 secs 172 msecs.

  • semidieusemidieu Posts: 26
    edited August 2012

    Notice that the error happens for

    And for information: obj.getNumModifiers() --> 927

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  • semidieusemidieu Posts: 26
    edited December 1969

    I'm posting too fast - found the solution! getModifier can also be something else than a DzMorph. Added a check for this and it's working now!

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 31,792
    edited December 1969

    Heh, well you saved me from having to reply - but yes, you do need to check the type of the modifier.

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