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UPDATES and tears

edited December 1969 in Carrara Discussion

Just wanted you al lto know that I did NOT wish to upgrade to MAC MOUNTAIN lion OS 10.8. It was what came with my macpro.

CARRARA 8.5 seems to run fine and it seems my new Adobe master suite gets along alright BUT after that alll the other stuff is not supported yet or are not supported YET and no idea when.

SO it came as a surprise when I realized CARRARA/DAZ is ahead of the 10.8 game! WELL DONE.

SOme of my favorite toys DO NOT work correctly, are not supported, may work may not that I us almost every day, and I bought them, their upgrade or wanted to buy them are as follows.

TechTools Pro, Particle Illusion, Tascam USB driver, Printers, scanners the list goes on and on.

SO here I was thinking CARRARA would be the one I would be waiting on!



  • BrianP21361BrianP21361 Posts: 320
    edited December 1969


    That's great news. Have you had any issues with Carrara and Mountain Lion? I installed it on an external drive and I've been using it on and off with build 172. Carrara seems to crash about the same with Lion and Mountain Lion. I did a couple of quick speed test and there doesn't seem to be any performance differences either.

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