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Okay, I bit the bullet and installed 4.5 standard. I'm willing to at least give it a shot and try it with the Darkside layout before I throw in the towel and walk away from the DAZ site for good, simply using the content I have, or buying from the other sites exclusively. I have several questions from the outset, post-install that I'm hoping all y'all can help me with:

1- How do I get rid of this asinine "What do I do?" section that opens on every friggin' tab there is, the sole purpose of which is to take up screen space, and show how good some thumb-sucker of a developer thinks he is?

2- How do I make every pane follow the layout of one I already set up without having to go in and redo the same setup 4 times? Things like background color, Show Floor, scene size, etc.: I shouldn't have to set them up to follow my preference across 4 different tabs. More to the point, how do I get rid of those stupid tabs at the top (Actors, Wardrobe and Props; Pose and Animate; Lights and Camera, and Render) in the first place? I want top work in one window, just like I've always done, and these are again, nothing more than some supposed ease-of-use items that do nothing more than clutter up a screen.

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    1 - The What do I do is occupying what would otherwise be empty space, it isn't making the pane larger than it would be without. There were instructions on zapping it entirely on the old forums, but that's an unsupported change

    2 - To get rid of the activities you don't want, choose a different layout (Window>Workspace>Select layout) and, if you desire, customise it (mostly, aside from panes, in Window>Workspace>Customise). I'm not aware of an official way to duplicate a layout across several activities, on DS3 I was able to do it by manually copying and pasting in the Layout.dsx file but I haven't tried that in DS4.x

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    A1) There is a way to remove it. It was posted on the old forums, but I can't seem to find the link. The truth is I never did that and I just don't "see" it anymore.

    A2) The entire UI is almost entirely customizable. Start by changing your layout to City Limits (Window > Workspace > Select Layout > City Limits). Then any tab that you don't want you can make sure that it is the active tab and then use the context menu at the top corner to close it. If you want to re-arrange tabs you just drag them around. If you want to create a new tab window just drag the first tab to the center of the viewport and release.

    You can see an example of my Layout here: as it is spread across two monitors. :)

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    Here's a different approach to Adam's, I use a single monitor and this is pretty much a twin of the layout I had back in Studio 3. Just keep customising it until you get a layout you're happy with.

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