Primitive to photosize ration?

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Silly question really, as there are other ways to do this

So let's say I have a photo I want to use as a background via a primitive plane.
The photo is oh... let's say 1200 x 850 pixels
So the magic question is, what size do you make the primitive plane, since it doesn't seem to have a pixel setting.
Is there a thread or tutorial somewhere that explains the sizing of such things?

Thanks! :)

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    NeilV did a tutorial I think on using Planes as a Background.

    When creating a Plane, I just use the pixel size as the measurement, in either Metres or Centimeters, depending on the scale of the scene.

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    Never thought of that Jimmy cheers...doh!

    I do it by eye mostly. :) If it needs to be precise I use Blender which has a nice function to match a plane to an image. I then export the plane as an OBJ.

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