Stephanie 5 problem?

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Since installing Steph 5, Genesis has some weird distortion in the hip and legs when bent. I haven't noticed such major distortion before now, the only thing chaged is the installation of S5.

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  • willowfanwillowfan Posts: 202
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    SOLVED - whatever changes S5 made to genesis was reacting badly with some 3rd party shaping morphs from Rendo.

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    What 3rd party shaping morphs? If it is that ideal leg fix for Genesis, the max value must be around 0.088. 1 only works on the base and female shape but as soon as you dial up v5 or any other shape, a lower value works. It is really a fantastic product, assuming that is what you had dialled up :)

  • willowfanwillowfan Posts: 202
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    Yes that was the it. I never thought to look at dial values as it is advertised as it's supposedly an "auto" fix.

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    Yep, I noticed that also some Time ago with V5 and contacted the creator.

    Maybee you'll contact him too and ask for a V5/S5 version/update as he told me that he hasn't got a notice about that from others/before.

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