Installing Micheal 4 into Daz3d 4.5 64bit

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I can't get Michael 4 to function properly in Daz3d. I am coming from Poser. When I run the setup, it says "..My library" is where it will be installed. There are no errors reported.But it installs M4 in "..My Library/Runtime." When I use Daz Studio, Micheal 4 doesn't show up under People or Characters. BTW, I am running Vista 64bit.

Thanks in Advance,
Mandi Blais

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    Michael 4 would appear in the content Library pane under Poser Formats>My Library>Figures>DAZ People. However, there is no need to install twice (once for Poser, once for DS) - just right-click on Poser Formats in the content Library pane and add the folders you've added to Poser as Runtimes for DS (select the folder that holds the Runtime folder).

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    Hi Richard,

    I forgot to mention that I was starting with a clean Windows install. I don't have Poser installed.Thanks for your quick response.
    I have tried both the 64bit and 32bit Daz versions. After stopping the CMS service, I uninstalled everything -Daz Studio, and all of the content I had added,

    Mandi Blais

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    M4 is one of the older Figures, it does not come with Metadata that would make it load into the SMART CONTENT Tab. Only the Newer items and items that have been updated to have Metadata show in the Smart Content Tab. For Older content which uses the Poser formats libraries, Daz has one of those just for that reason inside My Library, you need to Open the CONTENT LIBRARY Tab. In that tab you go to the Poser Formats> My Library> People or Figures folders to find M4.

    All older content will only be found in the Content Library Tabs folders until Metadata is made for those items.

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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks, all is on order now.


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